European Bed Linens from Fortis Textiles - Made in Germany

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Bella Donna Range »

Our best selling comfort sheets

Bella Donna Colors Range »

54 vibrant colors

Bella Sephina Range »

Great value luxury

Bella Sephina Colors »

36 vibrant colors

Summer Blankets »

Refreshing on summer nights (Size: 150x220cm)

Bella Donna Professional »

Commercial grade for Hotels & B&B's

Clima Mattress Protective Covers »

For a healthy dry sleep

Pillows »

6 options from soft to firm

Clima Pillow Protector »

Extend the life of your pillow (set of 2)


Why Can't I Sleep?

If you're having trouble sleep, you will quickly become frustrated, tired and emotional. So if you want to get back into the habit of having a long, restorative sleep every night, you'll need to get to the bottom of what is keeping you awake!

Choosing Top Bed Linen - What Makes it Unique

If you’re looking for quality bed sheets in New Zealand, it is important that you know what makes top bed linen unique from the rest.

Three Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep

For many people, nights of restful sleep are few and far between. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, there are three factors you should consider: Routine, Health, and Comfort.

Why Buy Luxury Stretch Jersey Fitted Bed Sheets

Even the best mattress won’t give you a good night’s sleep unless you have comfortable bedding. For a truly restful, undisturbed sleep you need soft sheets that fit your mattress without bunching or wrinkling.